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Ron Poling

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University of Minnesota

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School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Minnesota
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Research Interests:

Most of my research in experimental elementary particle physics has concentrated on the production and decay of heavy-quark states in electron-positron annihilations. We have used the CLEO detectors at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring (CESR) to study the properties of particles composed of b quarks and c quarks. Our specific focus has been testing the Standard Model of quarks and leptons, primarily by making precise determinations of its parameters. These studies have moved to the BESIII experiment at the BEPCII storage ring in Beijing, China. Searches for new states outside of the familiar pattern of mesons and baryons and sensitive tests of theories of the strong interaction, notably Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics, are the primary objectives of these studies.

Our investigations of b quarks helped lay the foundation for exploring the phenomenon of CP violation in the Standard Model. High precision measurements by the B-factory experiments BaBar and Belle have demonstrated that the quark sector does not have enough CP violation to explain the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the Universe. The new hope for resolution of this mystery is in the properties of neutrinos, current studies of which are slowly disentangling the pattern of flavor oscillations and masses. The NOvA experiment in northern Minnesota will begin initial data collection during 2013. It seeks to precisely measure electron appearance from an initially pure muon-neutrino beam produces 810 kilometers away at the Fermilab Main Injector accelerator, with the goal of disnetangling the neutrino-mass hierarchy and to begin exploring CP violation in the neutrino sector.

Current and Recent Experiments:

Selected Invited Talks:

"D+ Leptonic and D0 Semileptonic Decays: First Results from BESIII," - presented at ICHEP 2012, the 36th International Conference on High Energy Physics, Melbourne, Australia, July, 2012

"Semileptonic Decays of D and Ds: Results from CLEO-c and Prospects for BESIII," - presented at CHARM 2010, Beijing, China, October 2010

"D Mixing and CP Violation: CLEO Results and Future Prospects" - presented at CIPANP 2009, San Diego, CA, May 2009

"Results from the CLEO-c Ds Scan," presented at the International Workshop on Tau-Charm Physics (CHARM 2006), Beijing, China, June 2006

"Semileptonic B Physics at CLEO" - presented at the Weak Interactions and Neutrino Workshop - 2003, Lake Geneva, WI, October 2003

"The CLEO Experiments - Recent Results and Future Prospects" - presented at the APS April Meeting, Albuquerque, NM, April 2002

"Heavy Quark Decays" - presented at Lepton-Photon 99, the XIX International Symposium on Lepton and Photon Interactions at High Energies, Stanford University, August 1999

"Selected Results on b->c l nu from CLEO" - presented at ICHEP '98, the XXIX International Conference on High Energy Physics, Vancouver, BC, July 1998

"B Physics at CLEO" - presented at the b20 Symposium - Twenty Beautiful Years of Bottom Physics, Chicago, July 1997

"Status of the Experimental Determ. of |Vub|" - presented at BConf '97, Honolulu, March 1997

Other Sites of Interest:

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