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  • I studied Physics as an under graduate student at Shiraz University, Iran. I graduated in 2009 and recieved the Platinum LExS scholarship from Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands to continue my education toward a Masters degree in Astrophysics. Leiden is a small but historical city with great astronomers and lovely people. It took me two years to graduate and finish both minor and major Masters projects. For the major project I worked under the supervision of Dr. Brinchmann on double-peaked emission line galaxies. For more information about my M.S thesis click here. My minor research at Leiden is about a population synthesis study of He-He merger progenitors for Long Gamma-Ray Bursts.
    In 2011, I moved to the United States and started my Ph.D. at the Institute for Astrophysics at the University of Minnesota. Since then I've been busy with multiple projects involving both optical and radio astronomy. Although my first research project in Minnesota is about sources that might be responsible for reionizing the universe, I'm currently interested in extragalactic magnetic field and radio polarization as well as syncrotron emission from extended galaxy cluster halos, radio relics and shock fronts that might be associated with the clusters merging activities and the resulting gas turbulence.


    116 Church street, Tate laboratory
    University of Minnesota
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    E-mail: lamee@astro.umn.edu