Edited and published by Steven Duplij

October 1996
  • Leon Rosenberg, Berlin, Germany (poetry in translit Russian )

  • Timothy L. Davis, Loveland, USA (a short story A Social Witness)

  • Chris Funkhouser, Albany, USA (poems in English)

    November 1996
  • Frederick Ingram , England (short story The Academy and poem The Vessel in English)

  • Eugene Skobtchenko, Melbourne, Australia (poems in Russian KOI8)

    January 1997
  • Seth Jayland, Monticello, Indiana (book Reality Check in English)

    June 1997

  • Ted Warnell (Poem by Nari in English made using Steven Duplij's scientific article SECOND N=1 SUPERANALOG OF COMPLEX STRUCTURE alg-geom/9510013, [abs, src, ps] published in Journal of Mathematical Physics, 1997, v. 38, n. 2, p. 1035) - POEPHYSICS in its direct definition

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