1. Any multi-reference key starts with `:' colon.

  2. All such keys should be listed in the file `mf.bib'.
    Therefore, the most natural way to name them is e.g. `:2a', `:3b', where a number tells us how many references are cited simultaneously and the following letter numbers them. That allows us to include into `mf.bib' file much more keys than needed, not to think about them. You can introduce your own system, but the first sign the colon is only important.

  3. The format of a citation consisting of e.g. `john' and `smith' keys is the following:

  4. This leads to the resulting general `bib' entry:
    5. john; smith
    in the style corresponding to a given journal (taking into account properly dozens of special details, e.g. coincidence of authors, years, journals etc.).

  5. A number of multi-references in one citation is unlimited.

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