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Mahalene Louis
Dallas, USA

The Adam of Gen. 1 was the utopian idea of man; an ideal that never appeared on earth. Sort of Adam Harishon, Adam Kadmon, sort of a Moshiach [messiah] created to return and help with the work of redemption. Adam of Gen. 2, fashioned out of physical dust was the ancestor of the race.
The main characteristics of the infinite Light (AIN) is "bestowal.” This trait of bestowal is defined by the Kabbalists as the intention of receiving for the purpose of imparting. But as AIN is unconfined, He does not receive, He only imparts. His will is to bestow His essence, Hence His willful restriction of His own Light in the Vessel of Ain SUP.
The AIN SUP, being the perfect Vessel, has within Herself the desire to receive for the purpose of bestowing. In order to bestow the light, the AIN SUP restrained Her will to receive, causing the entire Light to depart from within Her. She then became a vacant circle, within the Infinite Light, which surrounded Her evenly, also in the form of a circle. A thin ray of light was extended from the Infinite Light and traversed the vacant circle of the AIN SUP, making a series of concentric circles, which are the varying degrees of the entire creation.

The beginning of this shaft of light forms the Primordial Point, whence sprang the created universe. It is the AIN SUP AUR.
From the pinpoint of Light that is the AIN SUP AUR was formed the "archetypal man” of "world of archetypes, " know as Adam Kadmon, or Body of God. This may be likened to the differentiated cosmic energy that composed the cosmic egg at the time of the "big bang,” for it had within it the seed form which all the worlds of the universe would eventually evolve.

Migene Gonzalez-Wippler, A Kabbalah for the Modern World, p41.

It's a boy!

Only throughout symbols can the divine being
Be expressed, Primordial Man, first being, emanated
from the light, the light that flows from the essence of En Sof
into the primeval space of the Tsimtsum the light of Aur, like a beam...

I am dying to know; which one I am going to marry-touch
Is it Jonas, Platon, or maybe Spielberg? Please tell me
my mind's traveling concentric circles obsessing
pleasure thoughts and musky caresses...

Like a beam, in one direction, only
first and highest manifestation of the divine
from his mouth, ears and nose emerging the lights
of Creation, that are the origin of our worldly manifestation

Caresses I have waited so long for his hands on my hips
so long for the weight of his hard body on my skin
to lick his sweat, let his male strength
overpower a recovered frailty

Of our worldly manifestation; no differentiation,
but confusion disorder of the hidden configurations
from the light pouring from the eyes of A.K., the eyes
this time, powerful stance for Adam Kadmon-Harishon

Frailty, does he desire me, a lot, dream of undressing
me stripping, slowly, a breath at a time, violet
and reds mixing, matching the shades of
our intricate intimacy into the stars

Kadmon-Harishon in the pleroma
of the universe, sundering a creative radiation
to fashion the first sketch of our facsimile reality
so secretly it can barely be described from eyes magnetism

Into the stars looking, sculpting the dual Yin Yunion
into One desired androgyny that invokes tantra
in the lusciousness of mutual attraction
finally ready to meet & melt

eyes magnetism that illuminates the void
that seeks to comprehend spatially the womb
that opens on the door of the mystery of life before
the third eye would find itself activated, and break the light

melt the light of love sex and polarities, that makes Adam a boy
and me Mary-Magdalene, perfect black virgin in waiting
for Spielberg, Jonas or Platon to be man enough
to be the first to ask the sacred question...

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