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    Just printed!

    NEW 1999 bilingual POETRY BOOK!
    IN CRY...
    (favourite poems and all songs in Russian and English - parallel texts)
    Published by POLYCOM Editions, Kharkov, Ukraine
    Order from the author

    1997 POETRY BOOK!
    (nontrivial poems in English)
    Order from JVC BOOKS
    4599C NW Hwy. 70W. Arcadia, Florida 33821, USA

  • A review by I.B. Rad

  • Poetry Readings


    Poetry, Prose and Art Journal
    Multilingual, Multicultural, Interdisciplinary Web Edition

    Edited and published by Steven Duplij


    Submissions (<20 kB) are welcome:

  • Links from one or two poems or prose pieces (not from a whole site) to POElinkPHYSICS are mostly acceptable
  • Texts "on a fly" (ready HTML files) in English, German, French, Spanish, Polish
  • Russian and Ukrainian texts should be in one of the following formats:
    1. KOI8-r ready HTML (mostly acceptable)
    2. Standard codepage ASCII in Russian (to be converted into translit Latin format by downloadable `latin.exe' program for DOS with possibility of return converting)
    3. Selfmade Latin translit from Russian (less acceptable)
  • Pictures of paintings, drawing and sculptures in JPG format (<20 kB)
  • Interesting small pictures in JPG format (<10 kB)

  • Subjects:
    Serious true emotional texts without politics, perversions and affectations, pictures of paintings, sculptures and drawings, thoughts and sketches about science.

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