Memorials about Alexander Kapustnikov

By A. Shcherbakov

I had a great pleasure to know Prof. A. A. Kapustnikov since 1996. Being third course students, we heard about him without being acquainted with him. We had known that he was quite strict and exacting person as well as that he was a real theoretician. When we got to know him we found out all this to be true and even more. His comprehensiveness and sincerity astounded us. There was about no question he could not answer. No matter which area - physics or "collecting of stamps" - it was from. Nevertheless in those rare cases he did not know an answer he did not fear to confess this.

One more thing that we enjoyed in him was his lambent humour. He gave birth to a great number of jokes and expressions that we keep in our memory. Aleksander Alekseyevich was the only professor in our University who gave "superadvanced" courses in theoretical physics - supersymmetry and superstring theories. I remember his first lecture that he gave us on superstring theory. It was a kind of historical survey of developing field theory resulting in superstring theory. That time we were really astonished by this deeply fundamental theory involving both field theory and gravity. No matter it is still far from giving exact predictions and numeric quantities of the world we live in. I am sure that it was that lecture that let me try my hand at this exiting area. I had been working with Aleksander Alekseevich since then getting to know him more and more and having extreme pleasure to communicate and work with him.

I thank my stars for having made me acquainted such an exiting person as Aleksander Alekseevich. Undoubtedly his premature passing away is an unfilled loss for us his learners, and personally for me.