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Rachelle Fishman
Zichron Ya'akov, Israel

Eyes of Bar Yochai

inspired by Mendel Weinbach

These are the eyes
of Bar Yochai
That look about them
Yet see

A landscape of people, men, women,
partnered to serve earth,
born to master,
heir to the days of days,
when all landscapes will fade
into an infernal blast,
then patient horizon.

That peer-out-on the toilers, condemned murders of time,
poor fools strangled --vengefully-- by tock of clock
that tireless tick drowning out
(for those who insist on hearing
without listening to it, )
to the sweet murmur of Eternity.

Those are the eyes
of Bar Yochai
which rest upon humanity,
yet perceive the wings of angels,
and smile at their halos,
making laughlines for
seeing auras
of Being
shining edges of rays of innermost
expressed outwards
thus seen.

That gaze upon the ancient rushing
slowed towards sunset
which spreading its veil, fast out, brief, fine, glorious,
- like life itself -
upon weary earthbeings,
to remind - last thought - of the dawn,
before the night

That look at the blossoms
and breathing in yearn
for a touch of beauty
grown from earth,
firm, vibrant, young,
but last short, alas bloom
for one sunset or two
yet yet sweet fragrance, left,
for lesser days
and their partner

These are the eyes
of Bar Yochai
That see foothills
and lifting up,
know mountains.

That alight upon the children of G-d
hear the Wind and
sing back their prayer,
give in whole faith
perfect sublime
dedicated thought
gesture, kind,
All told together in Earthly embrace
the whole Nation of Man
paints the devine portrait,
for us.

That search for perfection,
(afterall it was promised
if not given)
in a single visage
to attain closer glory
which ironic
wisdom and word can (really) project,
for the mind
to know
to recall
to forget
to give up
to get
as if outlined by heart.

Those are the eyes
of Bar Yochai
That retinal wisdom
of image processed
of flesh and bulk and
molecular intimacies
embroidered organic beings
in whose infinite wisdom
that living on Earth
know Life, Love,
and, if only,

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