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Gerald England
Hyde, UK


If God is dead.
if suns are still created,
if carbon is the only basis of life,
if E still equals m,c-squared,
if what Darwin said is true,
if nothing can travel faster than light,
if there are no UFO's
if radio is the ultimate invention,
if nuclear-fission can be usefully tamed,
if three is magic number,
we may still be alone in the universe.

If not, we may still, or not.
If anyone could say,
or if not......

To M.M.

The first time
we met as strangers
We parted as friends

The second time
we met as friends
We parted as lovers

Te last time
we met as lovers
We parted as friends

We did not meet
We are now
not even friends


(Quote heard on the ferry from England)

Since the non-farmer
couldn't milk the pigs
he fed three in the morning
went tractor-riding - better far
than all the rides in Legoland.

For breakfast he discovered
the culinary delight
of sandwiches of cheese
topped by squelchy marmalade.

His football-crazy brother
kicked two around the lawn
and in and out the flower beds
went happily to his own.

Both were driven
along the uncrowded roads
through Bedsted, Grurup, Hurup, No,
to castles, deserted North Sea beaches,
picnicking on an airport car park

before flying in a four-seater Cessna
over velvety fields and farms displaying
the Danish flag on their individual poles.

Daddy rolled up his trousers,
paddled in the seaweed stream
sandal-footed at Binderup Strand.

Mummy met the lace-maker of Tonder
and at Sonderborg Slot was treated
to a rare private showing
of Rogoczy's vast collection
hidden from the light to prevent browning.

Legoland is Denmark
Denmark is not Legoland.

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