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Thomas Bell
Nashville, USA

Adrift in Posttraumatic Space

at last at
last at the at the last
at the last of long travails
I can rest. Tonight
Tonight I can write
I can write of
wide-spread license the silent
tonight I can drink
waters of memory

Tonight I can feel
bitterness, tears, rumors whitewash
ing fences. Cover
thickened spaces
we cannot
we cannot traverse

Tonight I can see
Waco, that dry pristine air surrounding the cabin
in a lone truck moving on to unabomb OK City
and here I sit watching hoping awaiting channeling

Tonight I can hope.

Peoria. Black churches in flames and that truck moved
moved on moved on by the moved on by the traffic cop
held the answer.
Tonight I can pretend
or we again could play cowboys and Indians cops and Robbers
citizens and Tanks
star wars defense and The Other
or I could end
or I could make it
or relate
or make sense
or this it is not.

Tonight I can grieve
at last
at the end
at the end
of my at
the end of my days.

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