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Kiev has two airports: Boryspil Airport servicing both international and domestic flights and Kiev (Jhuliany) Airport with primary domestic service and some international flights.

Boryspil Airport is located 38.6 km (24 miles) from Kiev. Get to the airport either by taxi or by bus. The bus terminal is located at Ploscha Peremohy, Tel. 225-2252

Jhuliany Airport, located 11.3 km (7 miles) from the center of the city, is reached either by taxi or by trolley-bus No. 9 from Ploscha Peremohy. It takes 40 min. to get there by trolley-bus; Tel. 242-2308, 242-2309

Ukraine is served by a number of airlines, including its own Air Ukraine and Air Ukraine International Airlines.

Air Ukraine 12, Prospekt Peremohy Tel: 216-7040, 216-8235
Air France Hotel Khreshchatik Tel: 229-1395, 229-4641
(Boryspil Airport) Tel: 296-7449
Austrian Airlines, SAS/Swissair 9/2, Chervonoarmiyska Tel: 244-3540/41/42
Fax: 244-3545
(Boryspil Airport) Tel: 212-2592, 296-7454
Balkan Bulgarian Airlines 12, Bohdana Khmelnitskoho Tel: 229-7203
British Airways Yaroslaviv Val 5 Tel: 490-6060
Fax: 246-5152
CSA Airlines Hotel Khreshchatik 14, Khreshchatik Tel: 228-0296, 228-5027
(Boryspil Airport) Tel: 296-7449
(Boryspil Airport) Tel: 296-7240
KLM 29, Ivana Franka st. Tel: 246-5585, Fax: 246-5586
(Boryspil Airport) Tel: 296-7864
LOT Polish Airlines 6, Ivana Franko Tel: 246-5620, 246-5621, Fax: 246-5622
Lufthansa Hotel Khreshchatik Tel: 229-6297
(Boryspil Airport) Tel: 296-7686
MALEV Hungarian Airline 20, Volodymyrska Tel: 229-3661
(Boryspil Airport) Tel: 296-7453
Pan Ukraine 3, Volodarskoho Tel: 244-5620
Fax: 216-1740
Transaero 14, Prospect Peremohy Tel: 274-9081, 221-8125
(Boryspil Airport) Tel: 296-6109
Turkish Airlines 4, Karla Marksa, apt.22 Tel: 229-1550, 228-4103
Ukraine International Airlines 14, Prospect Peremohy Tel: 216-6730 Fax: 216-7994
12, Hospitalna Tel: 224-2950
(Boryspil Airport) Tel: 296-7455
Yugoslavian Airlines 12, Hospitalna str. Tel: 2241123, Fax: 2240377

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