Newsbase - E-Mail and News Server for RISC OS

Newsbase is a mail and news database server for multiple users on either a single RISC OS computer or LAN. It operates with most mail or news transport agents available for RISC OS.

Newsbase provides service to client applications using the RISC OS messaging system. In additon, it also provides some direct TCP/IP services:

Current Version

The current development version of Newsbase is 0.70-beta-2 (26-Oct-2001). You can download it here:
Also available is a small patch archive which updates 0.70-beta-1 to 0.70-beta-2:

The current "stable" version of Newsbase is 0.68a, dated 01-Oct-2001. You can download it here:

The historical "stable" version was 0.60m (July-1998). You can download it here:, although it's really only here for historical interest.

Most browsers know what a zip file is, but with some, you may need to shift-click or use some other combination, to download to file.

Accessories and Extra bits

Newsbase 0.65 and later support optional SSL encryption of TCP/IP services such as POP. This requires an additional support module, which although it is not supplied with Newsbase, is freely downloadable from the R-Comp web site.

The Newsbase distribution no longer supplies the StrongHelp documentation reader. The Newsbase support package contains a now quite-old version of StrongHelp, along with some other items. Alternatively, you can get the latest version of Stronghelp directly from Guttorm Vik's area at the Freenet web site.

You can also download some extra transports which aren't included in the standard archive. These extend Newsbase to work with Taylor uucp, FreeSMTP, SOUP files, and some other systems.


Links to various applications which can be used with Newsbase:

Mailing List

To subscribe to the Newsbase mailing list, a forum for discussing how wonderful Newsbase is (or otherwise), send a message to with a subject of SIGNON newsbase-l. If you subsequently decide it's all been a horrible mistake, send another message to the same address with subject SIGNOFF newsbase-l.

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